The operation instruction.

The basic opportunities:

1. Clear way to set and correct of the circuits.
2. The real modeling of the processes allows to study all features of the
circuit operation.
3. The processing and transfer of signals are divided,
that allows to study precisely the transfer of each signal .
4. Help file is available at an operational time.

The procedure:

1. To assemble the circuit (7,4).
2. To test it for diferent signs and vectors of an errors,
Correct the circuit if necessary.
3. Repeat items 1 and 2 for codes (7,4), (8,4), (7,3), (8,2)

The access to all opportunities of the program is carried out through
the main menu.

The circuit design (x, x):

On the screen the assemlage of the circuit is displayed. You are offered to
connect the elements. The current connection is displayed by a red
dashed line, it can be moved by cursor sign. The keys or
allow to fix connection or to remove it (if it was established).
At the end of the circuit design, press , check up once again
correctness of the circuit, and press any key for the exrsices continuation.

The circuit operation (x, x):

Enter a code and vector of an error.
They are entered as a sequence of signs '0' and '1'.

For performance of the next step press any key.
After the modelling is over the table of the results is given out.

About the group codes:

You can overlook the text containing the information on ways of coding.
With viewing the standard keys are used.

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