3.0.0 (2011-12-13)
no major changes

3.0.0 RC 1 (2011-11-20)
- Applied Jeff Sharps patch that refactored Xml DictionaryAdapter to improve maintainability and enable more complete functionality

- fixed DYNPROXY-165 - Object.GetType() and Object.MemberwiseClone() should be ignored and not reported as non-interceptable to IProxyGenerationHook
- fixed DYNPROXY-164 - Invalid Proxy type generated when there are more than one base class generic constraints
- fixed DYNPROXY-162 - ref or out parameters can not be passed back if proxied method throw an exception

3.0.0 beta 1 (2011-08-14)
- fixed CORE-37 - TAB characters in the XML Configuration of a component parameter is read as String.Empty
- fixed DYNPROXY-161 - Strong Named DynamicProxy Assembly Not Available in Silverligh
- fixed DYNPROXY-159 - Sorting MemberInfo array for serialization has side effects
- fixed DYNPROXY-158 - Can't create class proxy with target and without target in same ProxyGenerator
- fixed DYNPROXY-153 - When proxying a generic interface which has an interface as GenericType . No proxy can be created
- fixed DYNPROXY-151 - Cast error when using attributes

- implemented CORE-33 - Add lazy logging
- implemented DYNPROXY-156 - Provide mechanism for interceptors to implement retry logic

- removed obsolete members from ILogger and its implementations

2.5.2 (2010-11-15)
- fixed DYNPROXY-150 - Finalizer should not be proxied
- implemented DYNPROXY-149 - Make AllMethodsHook members virtual so it can be used as a base class
- fixed DYNPROXY-147 - Can't crete class proxies with two non-public methods having same argument types but different return type
- fixed DYNPROXY-145 Unable to proxy System.Threading.SynchronizationContext (.NET 4.0)
- fixed DYNPROXY-144 - params argument not supported in constructor
- fixed DYNPROXY-143 - Permit call to reach "non-proxied" methods of inherited interfaces
- implemented DYNPROXY-139 - Better error message
- fixed DYNPROXY-133 - Debug assertion in ClassProxyInstanceContributor fails when proxying ISerializable with an explicit implementation of GetObjectData
- fixed CORE-32 - Determining if permission is granted via PermissionUtil does not work in .NET 4
- applied patch by Alwin Meijs - ExtendedLog4netFactory can be configured with a stream from for example an embedded log4net xml config
- Upgraded NLog to 2.0 Beta 1
- Added DefaultXmlSerializer to bridge XPathAdapter with standard Xml Serialization.
- XPathAdapter for DictionaryAdapter added IXPathSerializer to provide hooks for custom serialization.

2.5.1 (2010-09-21)
- Interface proxy with target Interface now accepts null as a valid target value (which can be replaced at a later stage).
- DictionaryAdapter behavior overrides are now ordered with all other behaviors
- BREAKING CHANGE: removed web logger so that by default Castle.Core works in .NET 4 client profile
- added paramter to ModuleScope disabling usage of signed modules. This is to workaround issue DYNPROXY-134. Also a descriptive exception message is being thrown now when the issue is detected.
- Added IDictionaryBehaviorBuilder to allow grouping behaviors
- Added GenericDictionaryAdapter to simplify generic value sources
- fixed issue DYNPROXY-138 - Error message missing space
- fixed false positive where DynamicProxy would not let you proxy interface with target interface when target object was a COM object.
- fixed ReflectionBasedDictionaryAdapter when using indexed properties

2.5.0 (2010-08-21)
- DynamicProxy will now not replicate non-public attribute types
- Applied patch from Kenneth Siewers Mшller which adds parameterless constructor to DefaultSmtpSender implementation, to be able to configure the inner SmtpClient from the application configuration file (system.net.smtp).
- added support for .NET 4 and Silverlight 4, updated solution to VisualStudio 2010
- Removed obsolete overload of CreateClassProxy
- Added class proxy with taget
- Added ability to intercept explicitly implemented generic interface methods on class proxy.
- DynamicProxy does not disallow intercepting members of System.Object anymore. AllMethodsHook will still filter them out though.
- Added ability to intercept explicitly implemented interface members on class proxy. Does not support generic members.
- Merged DynamicProxy into Core binary
- fixed DYNPROXY-ISSUE-132 - "MetaProperty equals implementation incorrect"
- Fixed bug in DiagnosticsLoggerTestCase, where when running as non-admin, the teardown will throw SecurityException (contributed by maxild)
- Split IoC specific classes into Castle.Windsor project
- Merged logging services solution
- Merged DynamicProxy project

1.2.0 (2010-01-11)

- Added IEmailSender interface and its default implementation

1.2.0 beta (2009-12-04)

- BREAKING CHANGE - added ChangeProxyTarget method to IChangeProxyTarget interface
- added docs to IChangeProxyTarget methods
- Fixed DYNPROXY-ISSUE-108 - Obtaining replicated custom attributes on proxy may fail when property setter throws exception on default value
- Moved custom attribute replication from CustomAttributeUtil to new interface - IAttributeDisassembler
- Exposed IAttributeDisassembler via ProxyGenerationOptions, so that users can plug their implementation for some convoluted scenarios. (for Silverlight)
- Moved IInterceptorSelector from Dynamic Proxy to Core (IOC-ISSUE-156)

1.1.0 (2009-05-04)

- Applied Eric Hauser's patch fixing CORE-ISSUE-22
"Support for environment variables in resource URI"

- Applied Gauthier Segay's patch fixing CORE-ISSUE-20
"Castle.Core.Tests won't build via nant because it use TraceContext without referencing System.Web.dll"

- Added simple interface to ComponentModel to make optional properties required.

- Applied Mark's -- -- patch that changes
the Core to support being compiled for Silverlight 2

- Applied Louis DeJardin's patch adding TraceLogger as a new logger implementation

- Applied Chris Bilson's patch fixing CORE-15
"WebLogger Throws When Logging Outside of an HttpContext"

Release Candidate 3

- Added IServiceProviderEx which extends IServiceProvider

- Added Pair class.

- Applied Bill Pierce's patch fixing CORE-9
"Allow CastleComponent Attribute to Specify Lifestyle in Constructor"

- Added UseSingleInterfaceProxy to CompomentModel to control the proxying
behavior while maintaining backward compatibility.
Added the corresponding ComponentProxyBehaviorAttribute.

- Made NullLogger and IExtnededLogger

- Enabled a new format on ILogger interface, with 6 overloads for each method:
Debug(string, Exception)
Debug(string, params object[])
DebugFormat(string, params object[])
DebugFormat(Exception, string, params object[])
DebugFormat(IFormatProvider, string, params object[])
DebugFormat(IFormatProvider, Exception, string, params object[])

The "FatalError" overloads where marked as [Obsolete], replaced by "Fatal" and "FatalFormat".

- Included IProxyTargetAccessor

- Removed IMethodInterceptor and IMethodInvocation, that have been replaced
by IInterceptor and IInvocation

- Added FindByPropertyInfo to PropertySetCollection

- Made the DependencyModel.IsOptional property writable

- Applied Curtis Schlak's patch fixing IOC-27
"assembly resource format only works for resources where the assemblies name and default namespace are the same."


"I chose to preserve backwards compatibility by implementing the code in the
reverse order as suggested by the reporter. Given the following URI for a resource:


It will initially look for an embedded resource with the manifest name of
"my.cool.assembly.context.moo.file.xml" in the loaded assembly my.cool.assembly.dll.
If it does not find it, then it looks for the embedded resource with the manifest name
of "context.moo.file.xml".

- IServiceEnabledComponent Introduced to be used across the project as
a standard way to have access to common services, for example, logger factories

- Added missing log factories

- Refactor StreamLogger and DiagnosticLogger to be more consistent behavior-wise

- Refactored WebLogger to extend LevelFilteredLogger (removed duplication)

- Refactored LoggerLevel order

- Project started

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