We would like to thank:

Vlad R. of the vdmsound project for excellent sound blaster info.
Tatsuyuki Satoh of the Mame Team for making an excellent FM emulator.
Jarek Burczynski for the new OPL emulator.

The Bochs and DOSemu projects which I used for information.
Freedos for ideas in making my shell.

Pierre-Yves Gйrardy for hosting the old Beta Board.
Colin Snover for hosting our forum.

Sourceforge for hosting our homepage and other development tools.
Mirek Luza, for his moderation of the forums.
eL_Pusher, DosFreak and MiniMax for their moderation of VOGONS forum.

crazyc and gulikoza for their work on the dynrec core.

Jantien for the version management.
Shawn, Johannes and Marcus for creating the MAC OS X version.
Jochen for creating the OS/2 version.
Ido Beeri for the icon.
All the people who submitted a bug.
The Beta Testers.

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