Advanced Grapher 2.11
Copyright (c) 1998-2005 Alentum Software, Inc.

Advanced Grapher is a powerful but easy-to-use graphing,
curve fitting and calculating software. It will help you to
plot different graphs and analyze them.

You can graph Cartesian (Y(x) and X(y)), polar and parametric
functions, graphs of tables, equations (implicit functions),
inequalities and systems of inequalities and slope fields.
The calculus features are regression analysis, obtaining
zeroes and extrema of functions, intersections, derivatives,
equations of tangents and normals, numerical integration.

The program supports English, German, Italian, French,
Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and Russian interfaces. Some
additional language files are available on the Advanced
Grapher Home Page.

This program requires Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 or

Run the setup.exe file and follow the instructions.

You are invited to try out this trial version for 30 days. If
you wish to use Advanced Grapher after the trial period you
must purchase the program and get your license key.
The price of the program is $29.95.

Visit http://www.alentum.com/purchase.htm to order the

If you have any problems, questions, suggestions please email
to agrapher@alentum.com

You may download the latest version of Advanced Grapher at


Version 2.11
* Several bugs fixed

Version 2.1
* Interface improvements
* Supports up to 100 graphs in one document
* Several bugs fixed

Version 2.08
* Minor bugs fixed

Version 2.07
* Minor bugs fixed

Version 2.06
* Minor bugs fixed

Version 2.05
* Corrected work with default graph properties
* Improved flat style interface

Version 2.03
* Improved table import
* Supports up to 5000 points per table

Version 2.02
* Supports Windows XP visual styles

Version 2.01
* Several bugs fixed

Version 2.0
* New MS Office 2000 like interface: customizable toolbars
and menus, dockable windows, etc.
* Improved Graph List window
* New calculator
* Document Properties window
* The program stores all options in the registry (instead of
ini files)
* New format of the files (size decreased in 2-20 times
depending on the file)
* Minor interface improvements

Version 1.63
* Minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.62
* Minor bugs fixed

Version 1.61
* Several bugs fixed

Version 1.6
* Supports custom text labels
* Minor changes of the interface

Version 1.53
* Saving as EMF

Version 1.52
* Improved inteface

Version 1.51
* New help system
* New installation system
* Several bugs fixed

Version 1.5
* Up to 1000 points per table
* The package includes a manual

Version 1.3
* Supports legends
* New property of graphs: description

Version 1.21
* Supports different line styles of graphs
* Changed limitations of the unregistered version

Version 1.2a
* Supports French, Spanish and Croatian interfaces
* Several changes of the installation

Version 1.2
* Graphing systems of inequalities
* New operations and functions
* Saving tables as text files
* Copying and pasting tables
* Smoothing table graphs
* Obtaining intersections
* Equal Scale of Marks mode
* Boxed style of the axes
* Drawing titles of graphs
* Some other small improvements

Version 1.12
* Enhanced work with tables
* Multilingual interface

Version 1.11
* Copying as EMF (useful if you use Microsoft Word or some
other new programs)
* Loading tables from text files

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