Все об Англии и Лондоне (Sports in Great Britain)

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Sports in Great Britain

Sports plays a large part in British life. The British are proud that many sports originated from their country and then spread throughout the world. The national sports are football, golf, cricket, table tennis, lawn tennis, darts, racing. The most popular sport in Britain is football. Golf is Scotland’ chief contribution to British sport. English people love cricket. Cricket is played in school, colleges, universities, in most towns and villages. Tennis is played by both men and women either in exclusive tennis clubs or on public tennis courts. People all over the world know Wimbledon as the centre of lawn tennis. The Wimbledon championships is held annualy in a southern suburb of London. Englishmen like racing. There are all kinds of racing in England: horse-racing, motor-car racing, boat-racing, dog-racing, donkey-racing. You see all sports are very popular among the British.

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