Все об Англии и Лондоне (UK HOLIDAYS)

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There are many holidays in Great Britain. The main are Christmas and Bank holidays.

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December and symbolizes the birthday of Christ. This day is marked by setting the fur-tree and decorating it with different toys and candles. Children wait for Santa Claus who comes to every house and brings presents. Going to bed chil­dren leave their stockings and shoes to receive presents the next morn­ing. There are a lot of parties orga­nized by people to celebrate this wonderful holiday. Young people like to spend it together in good companies. There are a lot of fun and jokes on that day.

Meeting the New Year Eve is held in family in England. Some people in Scotland go outside and meet New Year on squares singing songs or dancing. The first man coming to you after the New Year Eve may bring you luck, especially if he comes with a piece of bread and coal. Bread symbolizes wealth and coal — warmth. Children like this holiday very much. They go from house to house, sing songs and con­gratulate people. People treat them candies or give them little money.

Bank holidays are celebrated four times a year. This day is the day-off for everybody because all banks and all places of business are closed. Englishmen spend this holiday in the country.

There are also great fairs with a lot of goods for sale, with fun, jokes and choosing the Pearl Queen and King. The Pearl Queen and King are people at the Fair who have the most unusual costume with a lot of pearl buttons on it.

There are many other holidays in Great Britain.

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