Топики по Английскому языку для англ.шк. (10 класс) (17)

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Topic 17

The problems of environment include a wide range of burning issues: nature distraction, pollution, extermination of wildlife on global scale, endangering human health with industrial and nuclear wastes, shortage of natural resources and others. The problem of pollution has become one of the most serious ones during the last thirty years. That is why man’s interest in environmental protection has been stimulated by a great number of problems mankind ever faced. A lot of rainforests are disappearing fast on the planet. But we shouldn’t forget that the “green belts” not only provide restful relaxation but they are regarded as important allies in the battle against air pollution.

Many factories and plants pour their wastes into seas, rivers and lakes. That is why among the simple but far disappearing blessings is the small of clean fresh air and the good taste of pure water. Acid rains, holes in the ozone layer, global warming are caused by pollution.

Now the problem of pollution is being tackled depends greatly on the Government and social initiative. All states ought to join their efforts to save the Earth from an ecological catestrophe. It’s urgent to build such purifying systems which anable to avoid the pollution of rivers and reduce the amount of harmful wastes in the air. Natural and energy resources should be used economically. As protecting forests is the key to our survival on the Earth that’s why the greenary must be increased. Ecological education should be introduced in all schools since an early age because the should realise the importance of environmental protection. We must save energy because production of electricity causes air pollution, acid rains, global warming. People should use ecologically harmless-salar power, wind power and water power. Recycling saves energy and raw materials and also reduces damage to the countryside.

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