Топики по Английскому языку для англ.шк. (10 класс) (20)

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Topic 20

If i can choose a city to go, of course i’ll choose London. I have been there 2 years ago. London draws people from all over the world. Some come on business, some come to study, to work or on holidays. There is much in London which fascinates visitors and inspires the affection of Londoners. London shows examples of buildings that express all the different areas of its history. Buckingham palace is he official London residence of Sovereign. The daily ceremony of the Changing of the Guards takes place in its courtyard. Piccadily Circus has become an important meeting point. At its hear is a bronze fountain topped by a figure of winged archer, known as Eros, god of love. This area is now famous for its theatres, clubs and shops. Whitehall is a street in central London running from Trafalgar Square to the Houses of Parliament. It contains many important buildings and government offices: Ministry of Defense, the treasury, Admiralty. Its name originates from former Palace of Whitehall which stood here until 18 century. London is always full of life. The streets are crowded with traffic. High “double-decker” buses rise above the smaller cars and vans. The City of London is commercial center, it has its own police and government. The territory of City is over one square mile, includes several banks, many financial companies. The parks of London provide a welcome contrast of the great built-up areas. There are 4 main parks: St. Jame’s Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, they all are linked together and forms the green heart of London.

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