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Managing yourself.

Each person has eight gifts: time, energy, possessions, money, talent, thoughts, feelings, actions. We need to use our gifts wisely. We need to learn positive actions that will help us to waste less energy, to create some order.

When a person con not use self-discipline, usually someone else has to make choices for that person. If you let your time go, your parents have to limit your playing time. When you make good choices and show self-control, you usually gain more chances to make, more choices, when you show immaturity by using no self-control, you often lose some of the freedom you have attained.

Time is one of the resources we have in equal amount. Happy, healthy people manage their time wisely. This management is a positive action that helps people feel good about themselves.

Energy is like fuel. Our actions lose strength and efficiency when we fail to manage energy. These are things we can do to use our energy gift well.

1 stay healthy. If you are sick, rundown, tired or poorly nourished, you can not perform effectively.

2 stay mentally alert. You mind can stimulate your energy.

3 stay in control emotionally. People who are upset, sad or discouraged sometimes lose their physical energy. Happiness and excitement, on the other hand stimulate energy.

4 use your time wisely. At certain times of the day your energy level is high. Study or hard work is rarely done well late at night when you are tired.

Learn to manage possessions wisely.

Owing things requires that we act responsibly. We may wish to share or even give our possessions as gifts but too means that we use proper management. When we give proper care to the things we possess, we feel a sense of satisfaction. In many ways our possessions represent us people. If our rooms and the things we own in our rooms are kept in order and are looked after, we experience a sense of our own worth. And we show the same respect for other possessions.

When you use positive actions to protect the valuable things you own you will respect yourself. And these is greater possessions than your own sense of self-worth.

Money. People say that money can not buy happiness. That is true many times. But money can certainly make people unhappy. When we fail to manage our money wisely, we often make our lives difficult and disappointing.

Money is not the most important thing in the world, but when it is used wisely it gives you control over your life. When it is used poorly, it controls you and your are unhappy. Now is the time to acquire the good money habits to make our life happy.

Positive actions are also necessary for recognizing and developing talents. Some people seem to have lots of talents, others only have few. But talents do not mean much unless they are developed. We should be thankful for the things we are good at and we should do our best to improve those skills. We have a lifetime to improve upon our abilities, and after all, that is one of the main joys in life; seeing yourself get better at something.

All people experience feelings and emotions. One of the most powerful human emotions is love. Managing the emotion of love means being a good friend. You may call it caring about people. That is another name for the same feeling. A person who is in control of this emotion will expand his circle of friends and learn to be friendly to all people.

And how to manage anger? What does anger look like? Does it have a shape? Or edges? Each of us experiences anger in a different way. We all get angry at times. But uncontrolled anger will destroy your chances of thinking and acting wisely. People who act in anger almost always regret it. Wise persons learn to give themselves some time to consider before they act and to react in a positive way. Here are some ways to manage anger.

1 accept anger as a feeling we all experience.

2 never take your anger out on someone who is not to blame.

3 give yourself time to think of ways to deal with it.

4 try to get an explanation for what happened. It may help you handle your anger constructively.

5 react positively. Channel your emotional energy towards hard world or intense activity. Then you may be able to express your anger in a reasonable way.

Problems with worry. How do you feel when you worry? What happens to your body? Does you stomach feel sick? Does your heart hurt? Do you feel like crying?

Everyone feels jealous at times. Positive people, however, learn to control the feeling by sharing the joy that others experience. If you care about others, you should be happy with their good fortune. You expect your friends to be happy for you.

The feeling of fear. Fear is certainly normal. It is something every single human being experienced. Fear can be useful. It keeps you from doing things that might harm you, such as leaning too far over a high ledge or going into dangerous situations. But fear must be managed. Some fear are exaggerated and keep people from enjoying normal activities. If you are afraid of water, for instance, you may have a healthy fear. Water can be dangerous. But if that fear keeps you from swimming, it has taken over and is managing you. You must face your fear, enter the water carefully and conquer that negative feeling. People should also conquer the feeling of discouragement. Discouragement is the feeling we have when we feel we can not stand up to the challenges we face. Discourage means to lose courage. But the positive action in such situation is not to give way to despair and to deal with feelings of discouragement.

So if our goal life is to keep on leaning in all the ways we can we want to be well-rounded persons, we must meet the needs of bodies(physical), minds(intellectual) and emotional(feelings).

You can choose positive over negative actions.

We all have eight gifts we can manage wisely: time, energy, money, possessions, talents, thoughts, feelings, actions.

Everyone has feelings of anger, worry, jealousy, pride, fear, discourage and love. We should learn to manage these through positive actions.

You are in control. When you choose positive actions you feel better about yourself.

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