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Positive action.

Your self-concept is how you see yourself. It is what you think about the person you call “Me”. It is not only what you see in the mirror. It includes feelings, emotions, opinions, and attitudes to others. Ability to manage ones life successfully and other aspects of yourself. Self-concept means the way you feel about yourself, friends and families influence your self-concept. Negative choices and negative actions create a negative self-concept. Positive choices and positive actions make us feel good about yourself.

The positive circle shows positive feelings, leading to positive thoughts and positive actions. If you want to be a happy positive person, say “Yes” to life.

Use positive actions and you will be as happy as you can be. You know, an action is something you do. A positive action is something you do that makes life good for you and the people around you; a negative is just the opposite. It is easy to learn about positive actions. It is hard to use positive actions.

Positive action is a course that helps to feel good about themselves. The way you think about yourself controls how happy, healthy and successful you be. You can learn simple ways to be your own good friend and to make your life happy. You say to yourself:” I want to enjoy my life, to do interesting things and be as happy as I can be.” I am a happy and positive person. But I can expand on who and what I am. I want to learn more about myself and to like myself, to be a good friend and to tell myself the truth. Self-concept helps me to think about myself, to picture myself in my mind. This self-concept is very important. Because it has a great influence on how happy I am and what I achieve. When I help others, if I am independent and loved, I feel good about myself. Most people are disappointed with themselves at times, but they wish they were different in some way. And naming some negative feelings, people often have about themselves, they mean that these negative words represent a challenge for improvement.

Developing a strong self-concept it is important to set yourself up to succeed. You must discover what is important to your self-esteem and then do those things well.

Everyone needs a positive self-concept. No one can be 100 % positive all the time. We all get a little angry with ourselves at times. This can be very valuable if we keep things in perspective and use our disappointment to motivate us towards improvement and gives way to despair. We must accept our weaknesses as challenges and we must take satisfaction in the abilities we have. The person who takes a positive self-view much more often than not is the one who will be happy, healthy and successful.

Take o look at yourself and identify your strong points and built on them positive self-concept. No matter what kind of self-concept you have now , you can make stronger. Each of us can develop a skill, a talent or a personal quality, to bring us pleasure and the appreciation of family, friends and others. You can develop your good qualities and make even better. These qualities will give you confidence and happiness. Do you sing or play an instrument? Are you a good friend? Do you read well or write stories or poems? Are you fun to be with? Can you organize and get things done? Do you know a lot about some subject? Do you have a sport you play well? Are you clever? And do you sometimes make people laugh? These things can give your enjoyment and are reasons for you to feel good about yourself. When people are happy and well liked, they sometimes fail to realize that they still have room for improvement. It is an excuse to say ”I have to be myself” or “That is just the way I am”. We should want to be our best selves.

Now ask yourself “Is there some area that I am still weak in?” Is there something about myself that I could improve?” Once you have chosen a quality you would like to improve, write it down and then write your plan for improvement. Then thoughts-actions-feelings cycle can be a positive force for you.

Every day we are faced all kinds of situations that require us to make choices. When faced such situation we some thought about it. This thought leads to an action and that action leads to a feeling. Let us take an example: a teacher asks you to do some homework. You have a thought : homework makes me feel responsible( get knowledge). That is a positive thought and it leads to an action: you do a good job on the assignment. This leads to a positive feeling: satisfaction and pride in your work. But when you begin with a negative thought such as, “I hate homework”, negative feelings and actions might follow. So positive or negative thought do not simply stop with feelings. Good or bad feelings cause us to have further thoughts and those influence further actions and further feelings. The circle of behavior and emotions follow and continues on and on.

Some things happen in life that are unpleasant . We can not pretend that they are not. These can be a serious as divorce. Certainly, we should not excepted to be pleasant with everything that happens to us, but our thoughts about difficult situations still control our ability to handle them in a positive way. Give examples of difficulties you have overcome by using positive thoughts. A self-concept is not an accident. Behind the way you feel about yourself are many influences. Important pictures we have about ourselves come from the people who are most important to us – friends, teachers, and especially our families. By showing you that you are loved, interesting and important to your family and your friends also build you self-esteems. We all need to know that others think well of us. When we are discourage and having and having negative thoughts sometimes we need to go to a friend or a family member to find positive thoughts we need. Parents will almost give us that kind of help, then they know we need it. Sometimes “however” a friend or a family member may be a very one giving us the negative thoughts of ourselves. At times like that we need to look inside ourselves for positive thoughts and look to other friends or relatives who see what we need at that time. We should never feel ashamed of needing a little “tender loving care.”

Friends can affect self-concept. Perhaps, a compliment brightened the way you felt about yourself. May be teasing hurt your feeling. We all need to look within ourselves for the assurance that we believe in ourselves. But we can not help being not influenced by the attitudes of our friends. Now turn the situation around. Just think a good friend you can be to someone else’s self-concept. It takes almost no effort to give a compliment and it also work in reverse. When you treat

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