Топики по Английскому языку для англ.шк. (10 класс) (02)

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Topic 2

Britain has many places of interest which have historic associations. London is one of the cities each reflected the past. Buckingham Palace is the official London residence of the Sovereign the daily ceremony of the Changing of the Guards takes place in its courtyard. The palace was built by the Duke of Buckingham. Stonehenge a prehistoric complex regarded as one of the most important monuments of its kind in Europe and very popular with visitors. The great circle of standing stones is believed to have had some religious purpose. Windsor is a town on the Thames not far from London. Its castle has been a royal residence for 9centuries. Seen from a distance it’s beautiful beyond imagination. Windsor Castle has a long and fascinating history. Canterbury an ancient city in Kent with a majestic cathedral which dominates it. Canterbury is a religious capital of England. It became a place of pilgrimage in medieval. Stratfort-on-Avon is an attractive town world famous as the birthplace of William Shakespeare. It holds a priceless collection of Shakespeare relics.

In Wales we can visit times Coventry. It’s now known for its magnificent cathedral, decorated by the best artists and craftsmen in Britain. It was built near the ruins of the old cathedral destroyed during the Second World War in the memory of those who died in the bombings.

Cardiff Castle has colorful and lavish interiors continually suprise and delight visitors who enter a grim fighting castle to find themselves surrounded by exquisite wood carving and sculpture. Cenarfon is an ancient town with a magnificent preserved castle which dominates it.

Places to visit in Scotland. Edinburgh Castle stands high on the massive Grey Castle rock. In the Castle are the Honours of Scotland the Scottish Crown scepter and the sword of state the oldest royal regalia in Europe is an areas. The Burns Country where Scotland national poet wrote many of the world’s most tender love songs. The thatched cottage where Robert Burns was born is the starting point together 40places associated with the poet.

Places to visit in Northen Ireland. The Giant’s Causeway is a mass of stone columns standing very near together. The tops of the rocks from stepping stones leading from the cliff foot and disappearing under the sea. This strange geological feature is believed to have been the result of volcanic action. It’s sometimes called the 8th wonder of the world.

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