Топики по Английскому языку для англ.шк. (10 класс) (19)

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Topic 19

The choice of accommodation available in Britain is vast. It includes hotels, inns, “Bed and Breakfast”, farmhouses and self-catering establishments. You may stay at a castle that has been converted into a hotel or at a historic country inn with low wood-beamed ceilings.

Britain’s large towns and city hotels offer every comfort you would expect-central heating, bedside radio, TV, coffee-making facilities and privet bathroom. There will be a restaurant and bar on the premises. An increasing number of hotels have leisure facilities for their guests-swimming pools, tennis courts, small golf courses. Other have local arrangements for pony-trakking golf, fishing and sailing.

For real value of money accommodation, a friendly welcome and the best chance to meet the British, try a B&B. You will find B&B in towns resorts and villages throughout Britain. Some are private houses, other are country pubs or farmhouses. The main advantage about B&B is that you don’t need to book, just look for the sing saying B&B and walk up and knock at the front door.

Guesthouses found mainly in seaside towns and other tourist centers are slightly more expensive but have more bedrooms and bathrooms.

Wherever you stay you’ll be pleased with the quality, friendly service and value for money.

All kind of accommodation are to comply with the most stringent requirements of the visitors. They have convenient location with easy access and parking. They are set in tranquil picturesque surroundings and are sure to suit any taste.

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