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figures in "Principia". It was that mistake that the young scientist found, a discovery that was soon confirmed (подтвердить) by other physicists. The mistake has no influence on Newton's theory, but its discovery was enough to get him a prize from the University of Chicago.


Прочитайте текст и расскажите по-английски, из каких зданий состоит комплекс Библиотеки Конгресса и каким известным деятелям посвящено каждое из них. Найдите предложения со словами houses и numbers, переведите и запомните их значения.

The Library of Congress

The Library of Congress is the Nation's library in the USA. It serves not only to members and committees of the Congress, but to libraries throughout the USA and the world and to the scholars, researchers and scientists who use it.

Its foundation was laid in 1815 when President Thomas Gefferson offered-his personal library accumulated for 50 years and considered one of the best in the United States at that time as the basis for a great national library.

Now the Library of Congress complex on Capital Hill includes three buildings. The Thomas Gefferson Building, which has been built in Italian Renaissance style, is the oldest of them. It was the largest and costliest (роскошный ) library building in the world when i t was completed in 1897. It is decorated with splendid sculpture, murals (фрески) created by 50 American artists. Its Main Reading Room is 160 feet high.

The Room houses a collection of 45,000 reference books (справочни­ки) , a part of the extensive main catalog of more than 23 million cards and desks for 212 readers. The Computer Catalog Center provides public access (доступ) to the Library's automated catalog.

The simply designed John Adams Building faced with white marble (мрамор), was opened in 1939. Sculptures on its large bronze doors repre­sent 12 famous writers.

The white marble James Madison Memorial Building opened in 1980 more than doubled the Library's available Capitol Hill space. The building which is the official memorial to the Nation's fourth President contains the James Madison Memorial Hall, exhibition areas, eight reading rooms, offices and storage areas for collections which num ber over 50 million items (предметов).


Модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты

Глагол to cause

Сочетания по longer, because of, due to, thanks to

Суффиксы -ness; -ance/ence; -ist; -fill; -less

Text 6A. Made in Space

Text 6B. Composite Ceramics

Text 6C. Ancient Steel-Making Secret

Text 6D. The British Museum


Упражнение 1. Прочитайте следующие диалоги, обращая внимание на упот­ребление модальных глаголон:

A: You can do without lots of things.

B: You can't do without food or water.

A: Oh, yes, you can! You can do without food for weeks and

without water for days. B: Well, you can't do without air or only for a very short time.

A: Can you write without a pen? B: No, of course, I can't.

A: I must have a new dictionary.

B: Why must you? You don't need a new dictionary. You've got a lot of dictionaries.

A: B:

I want to see Mr. Z.

1 am sorry. I am afraid he may not be in. A: But perhaps he may be. B: No, sir. He may not be back for some time. A: I can wait.

B: A: B:

He may not be in until twelve.

I can wa.it until he is in.

He may be out all day.

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