Всё сделанное в учебнике (переведены тексты и сделаны упражнения) (номера)

Посмотреть архив целиком

  1. stable-state - устойчивое состояние

  2. in case of melts - в случае расплавов

  3. gravitational convection - гравитационная конвекция (перенос
    тепла под действием силы тяжести)

  4. gene engineering - генная инженерия

УПРАЖНЕНИЯ Упражнение 17. Просмотрите текст 6А и ответьте на вопросы:

1. What is this text about? 2. Have you seen the label "Made in Space" anywhere? 3. Why can't certain materials be produced on Earth? 4. Can all the conditions on board a space vehicle be simulated on Earth? 5. When will it be possible to start industrial production of materials in space? What do you think about it? Can we start such production now? 6. Why can we obtain materials of better quality in space? 7. What equipment is needed for producing materials in space? 8. How will this equipment operate?

Упражнение 18. Составьте правильные утверждения, выбрав соответствующий вариант (согласно тексту 6А>:

1. Many well-known processes go on differently in space due to:

  1. different density;

  2. the presence of weight;

  3. the absence of weight.

2. The components of stable-state liquid mixtures would separate
on Earth because of:

  1. high temperature;

  2. different density;

  3. different conditions.

.3. It is well-known that various defects in semiconductors occur because of:

  1. weightlessness;

  2. solidification;

  3. convection.

Упражнение 19. Найдите в тексте 6А модальные глаголы и их эквиваленты. Замените эквиваленты соответствующими модальными глаголами.

Упражнение 20. Выберите соответствующий модальный глагол:

1. Do you live far? (Can, must) we meet here at 7 o'clock? -We certainly (may, can). - I'll see you later this evening, then. 2. Bill, would you help me? Sure, I'd be glad to help you. What ( may, can) I do for you? 3. (Can, may) I take your pen? I've broken mine. 4. Don't you know when Bob comes back from the University? - 1 am afraid he (can,may) be very late. He has an examination tomorrow. He (can, must) study for the examination. 5. Do you have a stamp (марка)? - No, I'm afraid I don't. You (may, must) go to the post


office for this. 6. I'm very much interested in environment problems. I think we (must, may) learn to live in harmony with nature.

Упражнение 21. Укажите предложения с модальными глаголами, выражающими необходимость совершения действия, переведите:

1. As telegraph wires couldn't be hung over the ocean, cables had to be laid on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean. 2. In the next few years engineers are to develop computers of more than one billion operations a second. 3. A new kind of telephone may be called a video-phone. 4. One must know that we shall need a lot of specialists that will be able to work and live in space for a long time. 5. To see distant objects clearly one should change the focus. 6.Within a few coming years a quantity production of various materials is to begin in space. 7. Some liquid mixture components would immediately separate on Earth because of different density. 8. It should be said that special space vehicles are necessary for industrial production of space materials. 9. Our group will be allowed to use new laboratory equipment next term. 10. One can see that there is no principal difference between iron and copper as conductors.

Упражнение 22. Найдите предложения с эквивалентами модальных глаголов to have to, to be to:

1. Such metals as iron, cobalt, nickel and some alloys are much more magnetic than any other substances. 2. In the next few years Russian engineers are to complete the work on supercomputers. 3. The main aim of this article is to explain methods and means of space industrialization. 4. We are living in an electronic world. 5. A number of TV stations is to be linked up into a network. 6. Experiments for industrial production of materials in space are being carried out in many countries. 7. Weightlessness is created on Earth, but only for a few seconds. 8. The quality of these metal parts is to be very high. 9. It was found that the acceleration rate on board such vehicles was to be reduced to a minimum.

1. Television has a great number of uses nowadays. 2. Morse discovered that telegraph messages did not have to be written, they could be sent as a sound. 3. That part of this country has become a highly industrial one. 4. Why couldn't you do it yesterday? - Because I had to go home earlier than usual. 5. This important problem had been solved by the end of 1980. 6. In the past messages to and from Europe had to be sent by ship. 7. Some materials with useful qualities will have to be produced in space. 8. A historian has to study a lot of various facts to be able to reconstruct the far past.

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