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ThU Is tJ*? panel — colled "Solar King" — It can Uoht a loo-watt electric bulb.

The world's first son-powered car has taken to the roads in America. The car is an electric 1912 Baker and it gets its power from a screen of silicon solar cells on its roof.

Scientists _ in _ El _ Segundo, _ California, USA, have mounted a panel of 10,640 silicon solar cells on the roof of a 1912 Baker Electric automobile to make the ancient car into the world's first solar-powered high­way vehicle in history.

The elderly car was selected to demonstrate ths panel because its large roof area provided proper placement for the panel and 'because the Baker is a completely reliable and perfected example of an electrically powered automobile. . -„•,.,. .

This meeting of the very old and the newest in this first solar-powered car was designed by the scientists to point out the possibilities in harnessing sunshine — not only to drive cars, but also to power a multi­plicity of devices now using other fast-diminishing forms of energy.

To power the vehicle sunlight energizes electrons in the silicon solar cells, which are wired together in



- i


a circuit, and puts them to work charging the car's 72-volt battery system. The car then works from the batteries.

Since silicon solar cells are made from rock and ordinary beach sand, the solar car uses some of the earth's most abundant compounds.

The vehicle is of special interest to cities with atmospheric problems, such as the smog in London, Los Angeles and Tokio. The only way the car could sznog up the road's atmosphere would be for the r.river to risk a heart attack by smoking cheap cigars.

But the car isn': quite ready yet. The scientists
adm;t that it is impossible for the present at least
to operate the solar car directly off sunlight. Effi­
ciency of silicon solar cells today is about 10 to. 14
per cent actual and nearly 25 per cent theoretical.
Therefor*; it taks1; G or 1C hours to charge tha car's
batteries. "v£

Thomas Edison then said that the petrol car was doomed. If solar energy ever combined with other new electrical storage inventions, like the revolution­ary fuel cell, Edison's prophesy may yet come true.

franke Evan* From Lingenscheidt't "Engtith Monthly"

The cor, on «Uctric Ш» Baker, in Central Park, Лги York City.


to energize [-en»diajii pobu-

dzac. zasilad energis, electron (yiektroni electron to wire ru*i*l zalozy6 prze-wody

circuit [•c»:kyt] obw6d; are

wired— to а с, роЦсгопе w

obw6d to pat* to work zmuua£ do

pracy, luzai pracowac' to charge [cza:dil (na)ladowb.c' 7*.-volt p»ewnty-tu:'woultl


battery fbseUry] baterta _workj from the b»ttc.,ei

.czerple energi« г baterU tinea |syns] poniewat rock [rok] skala ordinary ro:dnryi rwyltly beach {bl:cz] plata •and IssenC] plasel-abundant [e'bandantl obflty compound Ckompaund) sklad*


of Interest pyntryst] dukawy; I tu: cenny atmospheric [aetmM-feryk]

problem* zagadnlenia zanie-

czyszczanla powletrza amof i~3)r zmieszana z dy-

mem i KtaU^ami ;imoke and


Loi Angeles [los'sendiy 11 :z] Toklo (noukjou) The only w»y_ Jedynym spo-

sobem, by... to smog up ladymid, zanle-

czyicii —would be for the driver to

risk a heart attack ...byloby

ryzykowanle pn.cz Iderowet;

ataku «erca „by smoVinr, cheap drars

('czl:p «yga:z] przez pale.il e

tanlch cygar y*t IJet] jeszcze to admit («d-mytl przyznawac' for the present na razle at least przynajmnle] to operate ['opsrejt! wprawlaf

w ruch directly Idyrektly] bezpoired-

nio, wprost . -, •-

off z, od. u pomoca,';'. efficiency |yfygz»nsy] '«kutecz-

noU; wydajnosu; Wkputczyn*

nlk wydajnoscl , . ' '

per cent [p«'»entl procent actual" faekczutll faktyczr.y theoretical [eU'retykl) teore-

tyczny ,> . .- . .':

therefore c&ecfo:] dlategcr to take* tu: trwad Thomas Edison [чотм 'edysn)


petrol ['petr»H benzyna • -to doom [du:m) z gury ika-

zaci, przesa.dzac. to combm» |k»m'ba]n] (ро)Ц-

czy« cl« «torace ['sto :ry dt] lolomik,

magazyn. zasob, tu: zakrec.

dzledzma Invention [yn'wenszni wynala-

wk fuel [fjuilj opal, pahwo: t-

cell komdrka paliwowa prophesy pprofysyj proroctwo,

przepowlednia to come* true spelnid si?


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