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providing instrument readings or safety warnings from special elec­tronic circuits.

In a polite female voice, the device will report on engine oil pressure, parking-brake and headlight operation, seat belt connec­tion, totalling 14 different functions. The driver can even program the Voice Warning System to announce the time or to give a low-fuel warning for any preset gas tank level. The heart of the Voice Warning System is a microprocessor-based electronic speech module madie by National Semiconductor Corp. (US). The device requires the connection of 18 wires, but it is simple enough to in­stall in a car.


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Testing Times

Exam stress doesn't occur most strongly during the actual exams but in the few weeks just before them. The climax is usually the night before when last minute preparations confirm your worst fears (страх), There are, however, some simple ways of dealing with the problem.

First, one must know that the night before is too late to do any­thing. Much better to go to a dance, for a walk, to the pictures or to play a game rather than increase stress by frantic efforts to plug in gaps (затыкать пробелы) in your knowledge.

The brain is a complex bio-electrical machine which, like a computer, can be overloaded. It does not work continuously. When you study, your brain reaches its maximum efficiency about five minutes you start work, stays at it for about ten minutes and then it is down. Indeed, after thirty minutes your attention wonders (от­влекаться), your memory shuts off, and boredom (скука) sets in.

For this reason, the best way to study is in half-hour sessions with gaps in between of about the same length. It even helps to change subjects and not keep at the same one since it reduces the boredom fector.,

Study stress was experienced by Isaac Newton, the greatest mathematical genius, and by Einstein. Newton had a depression af­ter his efforts on gravity.

Einstein had no such difficulty: he wouldAreak off and go sailing ^ play violin —* not very well, he said, but it was very comforting.

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