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have been made of various ceramic materials, piston rings7 made of silicon materials being in many re$pects better than those of steel. They withstand temperatures up to 1,000 °C. Therefore, the engine does not need a cooling system.

Notes to the Text

  1. lane — ряд

  2. gasoline-powered — с бензиновым двигателем

  3. fuel intake — впрыск топлива

  4. among other things — кроме всего прочего

  5. what speed he has averaged — какова была его средняя

  6. pressure ring — уплотнительное кольцо

  7. piston ring — поршневое кольцо

УПРАЖНЕНИЯ Упражнение 15. Просмотрите текст 7 А и ответьте на вопросы.

1. What is the text about? 2. What kind of a car may be in com­mon use in the near future? 3. How will a public electric car operate? 4. How will it operate on a motorway? 5. What electronic devices are there in a modern car? 6. What electronic devices does General Motors Corporation offer for a car? 7. What electronic devices are Ford cars equipped with? 8. Can a radar be used in a car? What will its functions be? 9. What functions will a Japanese car of a new generation have? 10. What materials do the Japanese offer to use for car motors?

Упражнение 16. Укажите, какие из приведенных утверждений соответст­вуют содержанию текста 7А.

1. An automatic guidance system was developed for the electric car. 2. Small electric cars are in common use. 3. Many ships and aircrafts are piloted automatically for the greater part of the jour­ney. 4. Usually having arrived at a motorway, a driver switches over to automatic control and relaxes. 5. A decade ago there were many electronic things in the cars. 6. There is no future for microelec­tronics in automobiles. 7. Recently a radar to be mounted on lor­ries and cars has been designed in the USA. 8. A new ceramic engine has been developed in France.

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