Всё сделанное в учебнике (переведены тексты и сделаны упражнения) (8)

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The lesson here is clear. To avoid exam stress, you have to tell that what you are doing is fun (забава) and the best way to do this is to treat revision as a game. If you stimulate your brain with short, snappy (энергичный) sessions, you will be surprised how quick and sharp you are. A laugh with friends or a walk through the coun­try is really giving your mind the recreation it needs.


Упражнение 1. А. Прочитайте следующие слова и словосочетания из тек­ста 7 А и постарайтесь понять значения выделенных слов.

  1. for long journeys in cars

  2. arriving at the motorway

  3. the fuel left in the tank

  4. the radar aerial

  5. the radar only observes objects ahead of

  6. stationary objects

  7. the red light and buzzer warn

  8. satellite will indicate the route

В. Подберите к выделенному в А слову или словосочетанию соответст­вующее ему по значению.

a. container for liquid or gas

b. electrical device that produces a sound signal

c. way taken or planned from one place to another

d. see, watch carefully objects in front of

e. not moving or changing

f. reach a wide road for continuously moving fast vehicles

g. travel to a distant place
h. antenna

Упражнение 2. А. Прочитайте текст и найдите слова и словосочетания, означающие:

a new idea or product, reduce, basis, joining, position, for each car, whole (com­plete), very great, large number (quantity), at a very high level (suddenly), put together or fit the parts of, take (send to), every year, the same, a person who takes part in a race for the first place.

Mass Production

Gar manufacturer Henry Ford laid the foundation for the revo­
lutionary change in the entire motor vehicle industry. -

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