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Term I Variants

j Translate into Russian:

1. Much attention is being paid to the joint efforts of many scientists and organizations that deal with the problem of environmental protection.

2. It is clear that modern generators are more efficient than those used before.

5. The application of non-traditional sources of energy such as solar and thermal ones has considerably increased lately.

4. The development of new kinds of electric public transport will make it possible to reduce air and water pollution in superettes.

5. That the tutorial system in Oxford and Cambridge is different in many aspects from that in Russia is known to all.

6. It is the development of robots that will help to solve some complicated problems of production automation.

7- They will be making the experiment for a few days in January.

8. The greater the thermal energy of the carrier (носитель), me less it is affected by atomic morion (движение).

9. One must know that there are various types of electronic devices that have been designed due to (благодаря) the application of electricity.

10. Nuclear power application must be reduced because of (из-за) its harmful effect on environment.

//. Choose the proper form of the verb:

1. When they entered the lab the robot- already... many different tasks.

(had performed, performed, Mas performed)

2. During the experiment the temperature of water... by heating.

(raised has raised, was raised)

3.I... downstairs when I slipped (поскользнуться) and fell down. (run. had nut, was running)

4 By the year 2010 the entire railway network of the country........

(will be modernized, will Am* modernized, wilt have been modernized),

5. Increasing growth of population.........great changes in the environment.

(Will bring about has brought about, bring atom)

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