Всё, что касается зачёта тут (вар 2)

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Term I Variant 2

I. Translate the following sentences:

1. Technological progress makes it necessary to look for and develop new sources of energy.

2. The higher the level (уровень) of automation is. the fewer workers are involved (вовлекать) in production processes.

3. The operation of a small size fast electronic computer was watched with great interest.

4. That electricity has provided mankind with the most efficient source of energy is evident to all.

5. Electromagnetism is one of the many properties of electricity, the one that is of prime interest for specialists.

6. The students find it difficult to translate the text on composite materials without a dictionary.

7. It is by means of solar cells (батареи) that solar radiation can be transformed directly into electric power.

8. By the end of the year the scientific project will have been put into practice.

9. In the past the same operation was being done by a researcher during his whole working life.

10.One must know that there are various types of industrial robots that can make complicated operations.

//. Choose the proper form of the verb:

1. After the transformer (was invented, will be invented, had been invented) the first electric lines were set up.

2. The test ....already .. .,and the results are very good.

(are carried out, is being carried out, has been carried out)

3. Complicated calculations on a computer__by the end of the week

(will be done, are done, will have been done)

4. It is difficult for young people to choose where to study. Many new institutes .. .in Moscow recently

(are opened, open, have been opened)

5. The student.....the grammar exercises before he came to

the English lesson( was doing, had done ,did)

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