Artistic peculiarities of short stories by E.A. Poe (43312)




The English and Literature Department

Qualification work on speciality

English philology on the theme:

Artistic peculiarities of short stories by E.A. Poe

Numanov Golibs qualification work

on speciality 5220100,

Supervisor: Tojiev Kh.



  1. Introduction.

1.1 Review of the theme.

1.2 National Beginning in American literature and Edgar Poe as one of its beginners

  1. Main Part

2.1 Edgar Poes creative life

2.2 Edgar Poe and American short story

2.3 Israfel

2.4 Annabell Lee

2.5 Characteristics of Edgar Poes short stories

2.6 Detective stories. The Cask of Amontillado

2.7 Fantastic stories. E. Poes Heroes


3.1 Edgar Poes artistic manner

IV. Bibliography.


1.1 Review of the theme

My qualification work is devoted to the creative life and work of great American writer Edgar Allan Poe, the theme of which is Artistic peculiarities of short stories by Edgar Poe. This theme is chosen for investigation because of its importance for learning English language. In the process of learning English the learning of the literature of exact country is very important. Alongside with English literature we must know American literature, which developed on the basis of English one. From the history of the English language we know that English penetrated America through British conquering of this land. Edgar Allan Poe was one of the pioneers of national beginnings in American literature, he made a great contribution to the development of American literature, and he entered the literature as a poet, critic and wonderful short story-teller. To my mind his creative activity is worth of paying attention to and the given theme is actual for investigation.

The actuality of the theme is also that because of Edgar Poes manner of writing. It is his short stories-defective, fantastic, stories of horror all of them, which attract the readers by their peculiar effect. Judging by Edgar Poes words he prevered commencing with the consideration of effect, he wanted to impress the reader, he had a specific skill of constructing his stories, and thats why he called his short stories Tales of Grotesques and Arabesque. 1

My work is aimed to investigate and to show the characteristic features, the artistic peculiarities of Edgar Poes short stories, how the author managed to write the stories of different genres. By analyzing some stories and on their examples, I tried to show their characteristic features. As the object of investigation I have analyzed the following stories: from the series of detective stories I chose the story The Murders in the Rue Morgue, and The Gold bug, as horrible stories I took The Tell Tale Heart, The Cask of Amontillado, and the Fall of the House of Usher The scientific novelty of my work is that it provides the rich information about Edgar Poes creative life and his works. Analyzing the above mentioned stories I proved once more Edgar Poes skill to tell stories which thrill readers both with fear and humor.

1.2 National Beginning in American literature and Edgar Poe as one of its beginners

The work is also of great practical value. It can be used in practice as educational material for further learning not only American literature but our national literature, we can compare Edgar Poes artistic manner of writing detective stories with Sherlock Homes, Aghatha Christy or our Uzbek writer Tahir Malik well known with his Shaytanat.

My work consists of three parts and bibliography. The first part contains the general review of the theme and some information about national beginnings in American literature, as Edgar Poe was one of the pioneers in the formation of American literature.

The second part includes items concerning Edgar Poes creative life, his poetry and the development of American short story.

The item about characteristics of Edgar Poes Tales of Grotesque and Arabesque, where I made the analysis of his stories of horror, detective and fantastic stories.

In conclusion I summed up the work paying attention to Edgar Poes artistic manner, and the importance of his creative activity for the world literature.

The use of Edgar Poes short stories in original helped me with revealing their characteristic features. Besides I have used Hervi Allens recollections about Edgar Poes, Published in the book Splendid peoples life, M. 1984 issue 14 and Professor F. Cowles Stricklands recollections about Edgar Poe. I also found interesting remarks about Edgar Poes activity in the article by M. Urinov. In Highlight of American literature I found the rich information about National beginnings and short stories in American literature.

Many writers paid attention to Edgar Poes works, such as Nikolukin in his book Edgar Poe, H. W. Krutch. Edgar Allan Poe. A study in genius New York. 1926. Edgar Allan Poe, His writing and influences, New York 1974.

The use of the material from Internet helped me to enrich my work with the information concerning Edgar Poes creative activity and characteristics of his works.

Main part

2.1 Edgar Poes creative life

Edgar Allan Poe is certainly one of the best known and most popular of American writers. His stories are read by children, probed with the tools of psychoanalysis by critics, and transformed into films. His poems, notably The Raven, To Helen and Annable Lee, are widely anthologized. And his critical notion that a poem should be readable in a single sitting so as not to mute its single effect is a familiar critical principle. More importantly, Poes poetic theories, outlined in such pieces as The Poetic Principle, The Rationale of Verse and The Philosophy of Composition, had a profound influence on the French symbolist movement.

Before he became a famous poet and short- storey writer, Poe was known as a journalist and magazine editor. He wrote numerous reviews about works now forgotten while producing his own memerable tales and poems. And though he never realized his dream of founding a literary magazine of his own, be contributed to many , including those he edited. Aa a writer for popular periodicals like the Broadway Journals and Grahams Ladys and Gentlemans Magazine, and as an editor of literary periodicalssuch as the Southern Literary Messenger Poe came to understand very well the audiences who read his work. He aimed his work, as he wrote, not above the popular, or below the critical, taste turning the fictional conventions of his own time to odd account. In tales such as Ligeia and The Fall of the House of Usher, for example he put his personal stamp on the gothic horror story. He remodeled the tale of exploration in works like A Descent into theMaelstorm, and he developed the genre of the detective story, or tale of racionation as he called it , with such stories as The Gold Bug, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, and The Purlioned Letter. Still another genre he touched on was science fiction with his fantastic story The Balloon Hoax. As various as was Poes genius and as varied as were the fictional subgenres he worked in, one element of his work remains consistent: his concern with the workings of the human mind.

Writers as diverse as Bandelaire and Dostoevsky admired Poes work. Bandelaire, who translated many of Poes tales, in fact , acknowledged Poes influence by writing that if Poe hadnt existed Bandelaire would have had to invent him. Dostoevsky was unstiuting in his praise of Poes revelations of minds at war with thenselves. Although Dostoevskys own explorations of extreme states of consciosness and his dramatic depictions of behavior honed by guilt are more ambitious and monumental than Poes sketches and tales, the Russian writer felt a kindship with Poe.

Poes life was as tormented as the minds of his stories narrators. He was born to itinerant actors in Boston. His father died when he was a year old and his mother a year later. Edgar was and his brother and sister were taken as foster children into the Rome of a Richmond tobacco merchant , John Allan . Poe was educated in England and at the University of Vifginia, where he was provided with insafficient funds for food, books , and clothing by John Allan. Living among wealthy young men, Poe resorted to gambling , wich further worsened his financial situation and contributed what was an already seriously strained relationship with his foster father , who disapproved of his literary ambitions. The upshot was that Poe withdrew from the university and was left to make his own way as an author.

In 1837 he moned his familyfrom Baltimore to New York, where he published his only full-length fictional work, The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym. In 1840 he published his Tales of the Grotesqu and Arabesque (1840). Poe borrowed the terms grotesque and arabesque from the Romantic poet and novelist Sir Walter Scott, and meant them to suggest the terror associated with the bizarre and the beautiful associated with the poetic. He also meant to suggest that both elements were present in many stories in his collection.

The Fall of the House of Usher is among Poes most famous and most accomplished tales. The house that falls is both the literal Usher habitation and the family it signifies. The house also represents the mind of Roderick Usher. In its density of detail, bizarre events, and uncanny tone, the story suggest gothic fiction. In its psychological richness and fainted family history, it reaches back to Greek tragedy.

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