Программы для ПК для решения задач по химии (Chemhelp)

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This equation editor saves equations in Rich Text Format with the file extension CEQ.

This is the only help file, and chemequate does not teach Chemistry, but it is excellent for writing, formatting, checking and balancing equations involving most commonly studied chemical elements and compounds. It can also perform reactions and decompositions. (Almost any!)

You will need to know chemical symbols (e.g. H for Hydrogen..) so having a periodic table handy is a good plan.

As a first try, type H2SO4+Na, then CTRL+right arrow.

You should see:

H2SO4 + Na ® Na2SO4 + H2

The red colouring indicates out-of-balance, press the 2C icon, or View Unbalanced to switch this feature on.

Please experiment with the editor. If you get an underline, something is wrong with the formula, and it can be corrected using the "Correct" icon, or Tools Do Correction.

Further Help appears on our website at www.gruffsoft.co.uk

We hope you enjoy using this software, and find it helps - we value your comments.



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