Bauman Moscow State Technical University, which celebrated the 175-th anniversary in 2005, is one of the oldest educational institutions in our country. Its reputation for outstanding economic achievement is known world-wide and reflects the intellectual achievement of its students, as well as the world-class original research carried out by the staff of the University. Nowadays, taking into account the still soaring pace of growth of the world economy, its graduates are one of the most required in our country and abroad.

But there wasn’t much of a university at a very beginning. BMSTU started evolving on the basis of a former Trade School. Having been reorganized several times, it was settled down as Moscow higher technical school, which was aimed at training highly-qualified engineers.

During its early years, the School proposed only two departments, with the student’s body of about 300. By now, due to the development of science, social progress, extensive and intensive growth of industry, the enrollment to the 12 BMSTU departments has attained 5000 students. There are about 30000 people attending BMSTU every day, the grater part are students.

During first two years students study such common subjects as mathematics, physics, stress of materials and others technical disciplines. The course of studies lasts for 6 years. The academic year is divided into two terms. At the end of each semester students take credit tests and terminal examinations. Students have holidays twice a year: in summer and in winter. Senior-year students have industrial training at different enterprises. At the end of the course of studies students submit a diploma work.

Having faced the increasing needs for skilled and qualified specialists, there had been several prominent institutes founded on the basis of BMSTU branches. They were directly specialized in some industries, for instance “MAI”, “MADI” and some others. But as the distinction from them, BMSTU continued being a polytechnical University, dealing with common principles. The approach to education in BMSTU has always stood out against other higher schools. The system initiated by its scholars and based on a carefully integrated program of theory and practice proved very efficient and was later adopted by some other higher schools.

BMSTU today is a complicated system, including 12 departments and a wide range of affiliated ones, professional schools, courses to enter the university. They are accommodated at several buildings well equipped to provide everything necessary for educational process. And it’s very important nowadays to keep all the equipment up-to-date. This problem has been successfully solved at BMSTU: there are well prepared refreshing laboratories, the library is full up with literature on technical disciplines, many research centers keep in touch with BMSTU, involving students in research work. So, now Bauman Moscow State Technical University gives clear opportunities to its students to become well prepared staff. And they, in their turn, are to construct the future of our country in approaching several years.

© Rudakoff, 2007

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