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IOTRAN Utility Program V1.0
------ ------- ------- ----

	IOTRAN is supplied with the AVSIM family of simulator\debuggers
to facilitate the use of I/O files. I/O files that interface to AVSIM
must be in a binary format - either byte or word-wide. This is convenient
for I/O that is ASCII, but less so for handling numerical values from/to
other programs, such as BASIC, FORTRAN, etc.

	Let's suppose that you have an A/D converter attached to your CPU via
a parallel port. You are sampling a sine wave and computing its RMS power.
A D/A converter is also attached, to output the analog RMS power.

	To generate the input file of sine wave samples, use a BASIC routine:

	10 OPEN #1,"SINE.AD"
	20 FOR S=0 TO 100
	30   PRINT #1,32767*SIN(6.28*S/10)
	40 NEXT
	50 CLOSE #1

	Now you have a file that contains a list of integers in floating point
format. This cannot be fed to AVSIM directly, as it will appear as a string
of ASCII values instead of the decimal value itself. ie. "123" will be read
by AVSIM's I/O facility as 31H,32H,33H instead of 7BH (123 decimal).

	IOTRAN will do the conversion by:


	This does a decimal-to-byte translation from file SINE.AD to SINE.AB.
	Decimal values outside the range -128 to 127 are converted to their
	remainder in modulus 128. Fractions are rounded. 
	Now suppose the A/D converter is 16-bits, and is configured so that the
first read provides the upper 8 bits then the second provides the lower 8 bits.
You need to produce a conversion that is in 16-bit binary format.

	IOTRAN will do a decimal-to-word signed conversion by:


	This does a translation from file SINE.AD to SINE.AW.

	If instead, the 16-bit A/D converter is attached to two ports, providing
the 16-bit word in parallel, you will need 2 files, each one holding the
upper/lower parts of each 16-bit value.

	IOTRAN will do a decimal-to-2 byte signed conversion by:


	Two files, SINE.AB1 and SINE.AB2, will be generated. SINE.AB1 contains
the upper byte of each word, and SINE.AB2 contains the lower byte of each word.

	If you are using a 16-bit simulator (TMS32010, 68000) the decimal-to-word
conversion will be needed for a single port. Similarly, a 32-bit conversion
can be made by:


	Now we can run AVSIM and attach files SINE.AB, or SINE.AB1 and SINE.AB2
to ports with the I/O facility within AVSIM. Since we want to simulate the
D/A output of RMS power as the program runs, we also attach an output file,"OUTPUT.AB",
to the D/A port assignment and collect binary data. After exiting from AVSIM,
however, the output file cannot be used directly for BASIC input, or LOTUS, etc.

	IOTRAN will convert byte-to-decimal by:


	It reads file OUTPUT.AB and generates a list of decimal values in file 
OUTPUT.AD, which can then be printed, or displayed.

	Other conversions include:

wd	- word-to-decimal		file.AW --> file.AD
b2d 	- 2 byte-to-decimal  		file.AB1 & file.AB2 --> file.AD
w2d 	- 2 word-to-decimal		file.AW1 & file.AW2 --> file.AD

	Similarly, conversion from hexadecimal-to-byte or word is possible. A hex
value in ASCII - eg. 1B21 is converted to a binary stream. Use this technique 
for unsigned conversions. 

	Hex conversions include:

hb	- hex-to-byte			file.AH --> file.AB
hw	- hex-to-word			file.AH --> file.AW
hb2	- hex-to-2 byte			file.AH --> file.AB1 & file.AB2
hw2	- hex-to-2 word			file.AH --> file.AW1 & file.AW2
bh	- byte-to-hex			file.AB --> file.AH
wh	- word-to-hex			file.AW --> file.AH
b2h	- 2 byte-to-hex			file.AB1 & file.AB2 --> file.AH
w2h	- 2 word-to-hex			file.AW1 & file.AW2 --> file.AH

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