Метод.указания, список комманд, ассемблер, отладчик и пример (V131)

Посмотреть архив целиком

- fixed memory swapping error that occurred occasionally with very
  large programs

- add colour support:
	use command line switch -c0 for CGA-compatible display
	                        -c1 for BIOS-compatible display

	eg. AVSIM85 -c0 d

	The utility program SETCOLOR can be used to customize AVSIM colours.

- add COM1/COM2 support for I/O files:
	by specifying COM1 (or COM2) as the Input File Name for I/O files
	- for Opcode Access (ie POLLED input), AVSIM will wait for each char -
	  NOTE that this will 'hang' program execution until a char arrives.
	- for Cycles Access (ie Interrupt driven), AVSIM will read char if ready,
	  else continue WITHOUT reading any input.

- add warning messages -'Stack Over/Underflow'
	since a warning message will trap execution, warnings can be disabled
	by including '-w' in the command line:

	eg. AVSIM85 -w

- scroll mode / flip key improved:
	- editing contents no longer advances out of a window - it wraps
	  to the start, unless the window can be scrolled, in which case
	  it is. In SCROLL mode, same thing, but beeps when it does it.
	  This narrows the need for scroll mode to large windows that can
	  be scrolled (I think). Because overtyping leaves the cursor within
	  that window, the return (FLIP) key performs more satisfactorily.

- unrecognized arg in command line handled better

V1.22 additions/fixes
- fix: IO input file length = 0 doesn't hang AVSIM.
- fix: IO empty trap - delinks iofile correctly

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