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  • Have you ever thought about the fact that in the world there can be only one language? Of course, life would become much easier, everybody understood each other. But would it be better for us? So, if everyone spoke the same language, would the world be different?

  • There is a huge variety of languages in the world. It is almost impossible to count them. There are about 5-6 thousand languages in the world. In the most common speaks third of the world population.

  • Most people speak English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Russian and Hindi. Currently there are more than 400 languages, which are considered endangered.

  • On the territory of one country people can speak several languages and dialects. In some countries, there are two official languages, such as Canada or Belgium.

  • In Russia, in addition to the official language, people talk on 27 semi-official languages, because on the territory of Russia lives more than 130 nationalities.

  • Naturally, that in Russia there is cultural diversity. Nations always intersect, learn their traditions , cultural identities.

  • For 200 years of Mongol yoke has made its own traditions in Russia. Instead of slacks people started to wear trousers.

  • In old Russia there appeared abacus, women began to wear necklaces, also appeared dumplings, felt boots.

  • You can observe the similarity of the Kremlins of Beijing and Russia.

  • Influence of Eastern culture was reflected in the dance. In the West in the dance must be a pair, and in Russian and Eastern dancing is not important.

  • Permanent residence and interaction also influenced the language. The sixth part of our vocabulary is of Turkic origin. For example, watermelon, brick, cockroach. They enter in our culture so firmly that we do not think that they are foreign words.

  • But what if in the world would be only one language? And what language would it be? English, German, French, Chinese, these languages are spoken by a third of the world's population. But only one language is a language of international communication. It is English. He is studied in schools and universities. It is spoken by abroad.

  • I think that the existence of an international language is necessary, and English copes with this role. But, in my opinion, each country needs its own culture and its own language. Because without it, life is not interesting. Imagine that all over the world all the same. It makes no sense to travel. I can't imagine such life.

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