ДП - Привод мобильного робота (Заболотский) (THE SUMMARY)

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The degree activity on the subject of « the Mobile robot - explorer » is executed(made) in a volume:

1. Расчётно-explanatory slip on 100 sheets of the format А4.

2. Graphic part on 15 sheets of the format А1.

In an exploratory part of activity the analysis of the possible(probable) layout solutions of a undercarriage of the mobile robot - explorer is conducted.

The survey analysis of optional versions of fulfilment of a undercarriage is conducted, the yardsticks of an estimation of application of this or that design are determined.

The designer part is dedicated to mining of the drive of the mobile robot, the original design of a swiveling device of a rotated bar(boom) is offered.

In a technological part of activity the master schedule of assembly of clusters of a module of a side is designed.

In a организационно-economical part of activity the business - schedule инновационного of the project is designed.

In section " an Industrial ecology and safety " the general(common) ergonomical requirements to controlss of the small-sized robot - explorer are reviewed.

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