Moscow Aviation Institute was founded in 1930 and in 1935 was named after Sergo Ordshonikidse, People's Commisar of heavy industry. It is one of the largest educational and research centers training specialists for aviation and aerospace industries. The Institute plays a leading role in the development of Russian aviation science. In 1945 it was awarded the Order of Lenin for great achievements in training specialists for various branches of aviation industry.

Students and postgraduates of the Institute are trained by prominent scholars and professors, well-known scientists and Lenin and State Prize winners. Among them were such prominent scientists as academicians B.N.Yuriev, M.K.Yangel, M.D.Millionschikov. The world famous aircraft designers D.P.Grigorovich, N.N.Polikarpov, A.C.Yakovlev, A.N.Tupolev and many others have been educated at the institute. Numerous scientific publicatios, monographs and textbooks written by scolars of MAI are of great theoretical and practical importance for Rusian science. Many of these books have been translated into English, German, French and other languages.

In 1980 MAI was awarded the Order of October Revolution in connection with its 50th anniversary and to commemorate its outstanding contribution to aviation science.

There are ten faculties at the Institute.

The specialization of the evening departments of the Institute largerly corresponds to the specialization pattern of day-time faculties. There are specialized libraries and reading halls, tutorial and research laboratories, audio-video training aids, remotely controlled slide projectors and other a-v technical aids. Computer assisted training and computerized research are included in the curriculum applied to the education of students at MAI. The students of all faculties have to learn algorithmic languages and programming so as to be able to solve their problems in numerical and statistical analysis of data they are working on. All faculties of MAI and some leading chairs have computing centers, computers or microcomputers of their own.

The students of MAI have many opportunities for spending their spare time. Sport is very popular among the students. At the sports clubs of the institute students can choose fields of sporting to their liking. Some prefer wrestling, acrobatics, judo, others are fond of rhythmic gymnastics, figure skating or high jumping.

MAI's young engineers do not have to look for jobs. There are so many opportunities everywhere. Some of the current graduates of the institute are looking forward to enter postgraduate training, others go to the plants and enterprises of the aviation industry.

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