Технологии создания сетей (64186)

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[1]AARP Apple Adress Resolution Protocol

[1]ABM Asynchronous Balanced Mode

[1]AC Access Control

[1]ACK Acknowledment

[1]ACSE Association Control Service Element

[1]ADCCP Advanced Data Communication Control Procedures

[1]ADMO Administration Management Domain

[1]ADSP AppleTalk Datastream Protocol

[1]AFI AppleTalk Filing Interface

[1]AFP AppleTalk Filing Protocol

[1]ALO At Least Once

[1]AM Amplitude Modulation

[1]AMD Advanced Micro Devices

[1]AMI Altemate Mark Inversion

[1]AMT Adress Mapping Table

[1]ANSI American National Standards Institute

[1]ANTC Advanced Networking Test Center

[1]APPC Advanced Program-to-Program Communications

[1]APPN Advanced Peer-to-Peern Networking

[1]ARM Asynchronous Response Mode

[1]ARP Adress Resolution Protocol

[1]ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

[1]AS Application System (AS/400)

[1]ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange

[1]ASE Applied Service Element

[1]ASK Amplitude Shift Keying

[1]ASN.1 Abstract Syntax Notation One

[KC AC-1]

[1]ASP AppleTalk Session Protocol

[1]ATA Arcnet Trade Association

[1]ATM Automatic Teller Machine

[1]ATP AppleTalk Transaction Protocol

[1]AT&T American Telephone and Telegraph

[1]AUI Auxiliary Unit Interface

[1]BB&N Bolt, Beranek & Newman

[1]BER Basic Encoding Rules

[1]BOC Bell Operating Company

[1]BSC Bisync Communication

[1]BSD Berkeley Software Distribution

[1]CAD Computer-Aided Design

[1]CAM Channel Access Method

[1]CAM Computer-Aided Manufacturing

[1]CATV Community Access Television

[1]CCITT Consultive Commitee on International Telegraph and Telephone

[1]CD Compact Disc

[1]CD Carrier Detection

[1]CICS Customer Information Central System

[1]CLNP Connectionless Network Protocol

[1]CLNS Connectionless Network Services

[1]CMIP Common Management Information Protocol

[1]CMIS Common Management Information Services

[1]CMOS Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor


[1]CMS Conversational Monitor System

[1]CO Central Office

[1]CONS Connection Oriented Network Services

[1]COS Corporation for Open Systems

[KC AC-2]

[1]CPU Central Processing Unit

[1]CR Carriage Return

[1]CRC Cyclic Redundancy Check

[1]CRT Cathode Ray Tube

[1]CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collisoin Detection

[1]CTS Clear to Send

[1]DAP Data Access Protocol

[1]DAS Dynamically Assyned Sockets

[1]dB Decibel

[1]DCE Data Circuit Terminating Equipment

[1]DDCMP Digital Data Communication Message Protocol

[1]DDN Defense Department Network

[1]DDP Datagram Delivery Protocol

[1]DF Don't Fragment

[1]DHA Destination Hardware Adress

[1]DIB Directory Information Base

[1]DID Destination Identification

[1]DIS Draft International Standards

[1]DNA Digital Network Architecture

[1]DoD Department of Defense

[1]DOS Disk Operating System

[1]DP Draft Proposal

[1]DQDB Distributed Queue Dual Bus

[1]DS Directory Services

[1]DSA Directory System Alert

[1]DSA Destination Software Adress

[1]DSAP Destination Service Access Point

[1]DSR Data Set Ready

[1]DTE Data Terminal Equipment

[KC AC-3]

[1]DTR Data Transmit Ready

[1]DUA Directory User Agent

[1]EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code

[1]ED End Delimiter

[1]EIA Electronic Industries Association

[1]ELAP EtherTalk Link Access Protocol

[1]EMA Enterprise Management Architecture

[1]EMI Electromagnatic Interference

[1]ENQ Enquiry

[1]EOT End of Transmission

[1]ES End System

[1]FBE Free Buffer Enquiry

[1]FCC Federal Communications Commission

[1]FCS Frame Check Sequence

[1]FDDI Fiber Distribution Data Interchange

[1]FDM Frequency Division Multiplexing

[1]FEP Front End Processor

[1]FIN Finish Flag

[1]FM Frequency Modulation

[1]FRMR Frame Reject

[1]FS Frame Status

[1]FTAM File Transfer, Access and Management

[1]FTP File Transfer Protocol

[1]GDS General Data Stream

[1]GHz Gigahertz

[1]GOSIP Government Open System Interconnection Profile

[1]HDLC High Level Data Link Control

[1]HP Hewlett Packard

[1]Hz Hertz

[KC AC-4]

[1]I/O Input/Output

[1]IAB InternetActivities Board

[1]IBM International Business Machines

[1]IC Integrated Circuit

[1]ICMP Internet Control Message Protocol

[1]IDG Interdialog Gap

[1]IDP Internetwork Datagram Protocol

[1]IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

[1]IFG Interframe Gap

[1]IHL Internet Header Length

[1]ILD Injection Laser Diode

[1]IMS Information Managment System

[1]INTAP Interoperability Technology Association for Information


[1]IP Internet Protocol

[1]IPL Initial Program Load

[1]IPX Interwork Packet Exchange

[1]IR Internetwork Router

[1]IS International Standard

[1]IS Intermediate System

[1]ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

[1]ISN Initial Sequence Number

[1]ISO International Organization for Standartization

[1[ISODE ISO Development Environment

[1]ITI Industrial Technology Institute

[1]ITT Invitation to Transmit

[1]IWU Intermediate Working Unit

[1]kHz Kilohertz

[1]LAN Local Area Network

[1]LAP Link Access Protocol

[KC AC-5]

[1]LAPB Link Access Protocol-Balanced

[1]LAPD Link Access Protocol-Digital

[1]LAT Local Area Transport

[1]LATA Local Access and Transport Areas

[1]LED Light Emmiting Diode

[1]LLAP LocalTalk Link Access Protocol

[1]LLC Local Link Control

[1]LSL Link Support Layer

[1]LU Logical Unit

[1]MAC Media Access Control

[1]MAN Metropolian Area Network

[1]MAP Manufacturing Automation Protocol

[1]MAU Medium Attachment Unit

[1]Mbps Megabits per second

[1]MBps Megabyts per second

[1]MF More Fragments

[1]MHS Message Handling Service

[1]MHz Megahertz

[1]MIB Management Information Base

[1]MOP Maintenance Operation Protocol

[1]MOTIS Message Oriented Text Interchange System

[1]MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System

[1]MSAU Multi-Station Access Unit

[1]MSG Message

[1]MTA Message Transfer Agent

[1]MTS Message Transfer System

[1]MUX Multiplexer

[1]MVS Multiple Virtual Storage

[1]NAK Nagative Acknowledgment

[KC AC-6]

[1]NAUN Nearest Active Upstream Neighbor

[1]NBP Name Binding Protocol

[1]NBS National Bureau of Standards

[1]NCP Network Control Program

[1]NCP Netware Core Protocol

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