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It`s pleasure to welcome you today.

The topic of my presentation is «A new era of aircraft».

The flights are the most convenient and fastest way to travel long distances. Constructors leading airlines are working to make airplanes faster, cheaper, greener and safer. And I found out how will they look like. I'll show you the most interesting models.

1) Supersonic Green Machine

In 2010, Lockheed Martin engineers presented Supersonic Green Machine. The new aircraft powered by an alternating cycle, which if necessary can replace conventional turbofan, this will reduce fuel consumption. In addition, the aircraft will be less harmful to the environment.

2) SUGAR (Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research)

Experts from Boeing developed the concept SUGAR, which allow airlines to save up to 70% of conventional fuels through the use of electric batteries. Waiting passengers, the aircraft will not only refuel traditional fuels, but also of the power system to charge the airport.

3) Solar

The company Solar Impulse has developed the world's first piloted aircraft capable of flying exclusively by solar energy indefinitely, energy stored in the batteries. The aircraft is equipped with four electric motors, covered 12 thousand photovoltaic cells. The first flight took place in 2009 and lasted for 26 hours. In 2013, the Solar Impulse has successfully completed a flight across all of North America, starting in San Francisco and landing in New York. 2015 creators and aircraft pilots are going to make a round the world flight already on a larger model.

4) Transition

Experts from the company Terrafugia presents a model of private car-aircraft Transition. The new model TF-X does not require a runway, capable of speeds up to 350 km / h and the range is about 805 km. However, today it is only a concept, and the working machine will likely not soon.

It`s all I want to say about aircrafts. Thank you for your attention.

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