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Oxford is one of the most famous Universities in Britain. It is the oldest English University and it has a long and eventful history.

O.U. was founded at the beginning of the 12th century. Nowadays O.U. consists of 34 colleges, each self-governing and independent.

The organization system of the O.U. differs from that of all other Universities and colleges in Britain. The structure of them is unique. It is somewhat a federation of autonomous republics with a common policy, a common budget and so on.

Both the U. and its colleges are very democratic institutions. Every member of the U. is also a member of a college. The senior members of the U. vote for Vice Chancellor, for 2 governing councils and for the administrations.

O. is a state U., not a private one. Students are selected on the basis of their results in the national examinations. The special college of the U. will be their home for 3 years.

Teaching is informal and personal. A graduates spend a lots of time with their “tutor”. They discuss their essay written beforehand. The students who study natural sciences spend all day in the laboratories. At the end of 3-d year of educational all students have final examinations.

1.eventful - полный событий; богатый событиями

2.independent -человек, независимый во взглядах, поведении и т. п.

3.self-governing- самоуправляющийся


5.preserve-сохранять, оберегать, хранить, поддерживать

6.mediaeval- средневековый

7.somewhat- некоторая степень, кое-что, что-то , немного, до некоторой степени, несколько; отчасти, слегка

8. common policy-общая политика

9. common values-общечеловеческие ценности

10. democratic institutions- демократическое учреждение

11. vote-голос, голосовать

12. Chancellor-ректор университета, канцлер.

13. elected-избирается.

14. governing-руководящий,управляющий, контролирующий

15. councils-совет, местный совет.

16. comities- общества, сообщества, организации

17. private-закрытая, частная

18. selected- отбираются

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