Baumann State Technical University is one of the oldest and most reputable engineering higher schools in Russia. Its foundation was laid as early as 1839.

From the very first days of the schools history theoretical classes were closely linked with practical training. That was the so-called Russian method of teaching trade which formed the basis of the present-day system of educating specialists in all branches of engineering.

In1876 “Russian method” was awarded a “Big Gold Medal” in Vienna and Philadelphia.

Nowadays Moscow State Technical University offers full-time courses at its 14 departments.

All the academic courses in MSTU last for about 6 years. The training is performed by means of lectures, seminars, laboratory work and practical classes. During the first two years the focus is upon studying basis sciences and general engineering subjects like physics, mathematics, chemistry, technical drawing, strength of materials, theoretical mechanics etc.

Senior students concentrate mostly on their future speciality. In their 6th year they submit diploma projects. On defending his diploma project a graduate is got a state diploma in engineering.

Moscow State Technical University has high academic standards always. A lot of famous scientists studied in it. The names of Zhukovsky, Tupolev, Korolev, Shukhov and many other great figures of sciences are connected with the history of MSTU.

Today the specialists who have been educated here work in practically every branch of national economy and proudly wear the title of Bauman University’s graduate.

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