Sparse Questionnaire on my branch of engineering.

  1. The basic fundamental products in my future professional activity include systems, structures, instruments, devices, gadgets, technological tools for Car Internal Combustion Engines. There are a crank mechanism, a gas distribution system, a cooling system, a lubrication system, a power supply system.

  1. Crank mechanism is used to convert the back-forward movement of the piston into crankshaft rotary motion in the engine.

  2. A Gas Distribution Mechanism provides intake air in the cylinders and exhaust gas release.

  3. Cooling Systems provides a controlled heat transfer from the hot engine components.

  4. Lubrication System supplies oil to the friction surfaces of the engine (to reduce friction).

  5. The Power Supply System provides fuel injection into the engine cylinders.

  1. We’re newcomers in our engineering environment. That’s why there are few products we’re fami/lar with in it. I’d get down to a Crank Mechanism.

  1. A Crank Mechanism (abbreviated – CSV) receives gas pressure. Pressure rises during the combustion of fuel-air mixture and converts into mechanical work. It happens as a result of the crankshaft rotation.

Crank mechanism consists of the following main elements: pistons, cranks, crankshafts and flywheels.

  1. There are different applications both preliminary and associated of CSV. Crank Mechanism uses in the compressors, piston pumps, sewing machines, crank presses besides internal combustion engines.

  1. Recently some new modifications of Crank Mechanism have been developed in Russia and our university participated in this.

  1. Modifications of size and shape, new materials, new production technologies are used to improve the CSV performance, to find some new applications.

  1. Steel can be use for fabricating of cranks. But more often compounds materials are used to produce durable cranks.

  1. Cranks of the CSV is fixed by joints.

  1. Zinc-coating is used the main operating that makes material good for future using, because zink prevents from corrosion but this is very important for CSV.

  1. Environmentally speaking mixture of metals with zinc-coating is friendly from an ecological perspective. Steel scrap can be both sorted easily and recycled fully.

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