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The Cambridge University

Cambridge is one of the two main universities in England, located at Cambridge on the Cam River. It was founded at the beginning of the 12th century. The University consists of 24 different colleges including 4 colleges for women. The head of the University is chancellor who is elected for life. The teachers are commonly called ‘dons’& ‘tutors’. Part of the teaching is by means of lectures organized by the University. Besides lectures teaching is carried out by tutorial system for which the Cambridge University is famous all over the world. This is a system for individual tuition organized by colleges. Each student has a tutor who practically guides him through the whole course of studies. The tutor plans the student’s work & once a week the student goes to his tutor to discuss the work with him.The training course lasts 4 years. The academic year is divided into 3 terms. The students study natural & technical sciences, law, history, languages, geography, & many other subjects. After 3 years of study a student may proceed to a Bachelor’s degree, & later to the degree of Master& Doctor. Students are required two year gowns at lectures, in the University library, in the streets in the evening, for dinner in the college, for official visits.

All students must pay for their education, examinations, books, university hostel, the use of libraries, etc. Very few students get grants. The cost of studying is about 1,000 pounds a year.

The first-year students are called ‘freshmen’. The students are mainly English, but there are plenty of others. Those students who live in the hostel have a popular custom to invite friends in the afternoon for tea & hot buttered toasts & jam.

To each room there is a manservant, who with a womanservant keeps the room clean. Two dons are responsible for discipline out of college. Students calls them ‘Bulldogs’. Each evening the Bulldogs wander about the town, keeping an eye on the students behavior. If he sees a student, not wearing a cap of gown, he will come up to a student & say, ’Are you a member of the University, sir?’. And if a student runs away, then the Bulldogs try to catch him. (They usually do, for they are chosen because they are good runners), & they fine a student six-&-eight pence.

A number of great men, well-known scientists & writers studied at Cambridge. Among them are: Erasmus, the Great Dutch scholar; Bacon, the philosopher; Milton & Byron, the poets; Newton & Darwin, the scientists.

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