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BUM University

History of Bauman University

The history of establishing the Russian engineering school triggers from The Elizabeth’s time. The Educational House was initiated to educate the young gentlemen from different social levels for industrial purposes.

The next step of the development of that educatioal establishment in the Educational Imperial House was made in 1763 by the Russian empress Catherine the Second. Later on, futher industrialization and leading manufacturing groups put forward the task to organize especial industrial educational establishment to educate and prepare Russian technitions, engineers for plans and manufactures in Tula, Syberia.

At the beginning, they were such families as: Demidovs, Morozovs, who claimed the nececcity to have Russian nationality engineers to keep the manufacturing secrets of gun and rifle production.

In 1830 Nicholas The First introduced “Statuce of Moscow Craft School”.

Russian method” is a combination of high quality theoretical knowledge in physics, chemistry, mathematics and practical skills. In 1876 “Russian method” was awarded a «Big Gold Medal» in Vienna and Philadelphia.

Famous people, who graduates BUM University: Sergei Korolev, Andrey Tupolev, Pavel Sukhoi, Konstantin Ciolkovzskij.

Bauman University today

I am a student of BUM University of Power Engineering department of internal combustion engines. Our department was established in 1907. Grinevetskiy, Kruglov, Krutov – are the famous graduates of our department.

There are 17 departments in our university. There are 10 faculties in Power Engineering department.

Around 4 years ago BUM University entered the Bolonian process, the process of uniting the most high quality tertiary educational establishments in Europe. The process should provide the students with the educational mobility.

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