• Translate the following sentences from English into Russian.

    1. Считается, что открытия в области физики подвели человечество к порогу новой технологической эры.

    2. Исследования сверхпроводимости, казалось, стали особенно активными, после открытия, сделанного американскими учёными.

    3. Физики Гинзбург и Ландау считали, что их фундаментальная теория станет большим вкладом в развитие теории сверхпроводимости.

    4. Тропики находятся на каждой стороне Экватора.

    1. Put the verb in Brackets in the correct form.

    1. Aluminum is likely to be applied for the construction of a new spaceship instead of composite materials.

    2. were found

    3. feel

    1. Read the text and finish up the sentence using your own information.

    There is no doubt that lasers are sure to do some jobs better and at much lower cost than other devices. Also, laser can increase the quality of work.

    1. Translate into English.

    1. Modern devices are enough reliable and allow pilots to land in the airport safely.

    2. Superconductors will be hardly widely used in nearest future.

    3. One of the methods of recording information on crystals with help of laser is believed to develop in Russia.

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