The Engineering Business and Management

The Engineering Business and Management Department was organized at Bauman Moscow State Technical University of 1993.

The "EMB" Department trains highly qualified specialists in the field of economics, production process organization, banking, management, finances, and industrial logistics. Each course provides students both with the knowledge of general engineering subjects basic to all engineering professions and with the knowledge of specialized subjects, which are applied in the work of an engineer-manager.

At present the "EBM" Department includes six chairs. It offers the students the following main academic courses: Economic Theory; Economics and Production Process Organization; Industrial Logistics; Management; Finances; Entrepreneurship and External Economic Activities. The courses are supervised by the prominent Russian scientists. All senior year students study such subjects as Economic Theory, Production Process Organization, Industrial Logistics, Marketing, Accounting, Banking, International Business, Finances, Management and many others.

Training at the Department includes the program of lectures, seminars and practical training in banks, home and foreign firms and industrial enterprises. At the end of each term the students receive credits and have exams. Every year the senior year students have term papers to write.

The training course at the Department lasts five years and ten months. In their final year the students submit a diploma work. They select the subject of their work after consultation with the scientific adviser who supervises and assesses the work of the students.

Having defended their diploma work before the State Examination Board the students are granted the graduation diploma.

The system of training helps the graduates of the "EBM" Department to keep pace with up-to-date level of economic development because they know how to reason with respect to an economy, they are provided with a working knowledge of the macroeconomic and microeconomic issues, labor markets and monetary policy.

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